Company Overview

Enterprises across the world are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Agile development for their business, projects and employees. They understand the importance of partnering with a reliable source for smoother operations, efficient processes, results oriented strategies and increased professionalism.

However, Agile is a new and emerging methodology outside of the software world and many of the companies offering these types of services to the enterprise class companies, are not accessible to growing businesses, entrepreneurs, or professionals due to pricing or lack of brand recognition.

The Amber Branch Corporation is a development resources company that caters to growing businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals. A person or entity’s outreach is defined as any method, vessel, or strategy used to fulfill their purpose with their stakeholders, customers, or employer. Our goal is to help our customers expand, elevate and solidify their outreach. This is done through 3 levels of services.

  1. Business Consulting – This service centers around organizational effectiveness, digital optimization and sales effectiveness for growing businesses.

  2. Project Strategy Optimization  This service is designed for both growing businesses and entrepreneurs looking to increase impact, efficiency and profitability in new or existing projects.

  3. Agile Coaching – This service is designed for private group coaching sessions as well as workshops open to the public to increase understanding and adoption of Agile practices.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower growing businesses, entrepreneurs and professionals to expand, elevate and solidify their outreach.


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