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Founder Introduction

Amber R. Branch is the Founder and CEO of The Amber Branch Corporation and derived the company name from her own. Her first name, Amber, which is a sap from trees that hardens and fossilizes anything it surrounds, combined with her last name “Branch”, as in an extension or limb, formed a symbolic company name and slogan of “Solidify your outreach.” 

Early Years

Branch was born and raised in Colorado and at a young age relocated to Texas with her family. She attended the University of North Texas in Denton, TX where she obtained her Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering and double minors in Math and Business. In the Engineering program, Branch learned software, hardware, IT, power systems, energy, telecommunications, programming and many other technical fields. Well-rounded is one phrase to sum up her college experience, as Branch was also an active member of the student body.

She held a number of leadership positions in student organizations, that include National Society of Black Engineers, Collaborating Actors Singers and Talents, and Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated. Also, while attending the university, Branch had the opportunity to serve a Co-Op position with Alcatel Lucent as a Program Manager, gaining experience in the business and telecommunications world. In her final two years of college Branch worked at the campus IT Help Desk, learning various IT Platforms, strategic problem-solving, customer service and account management.

"Learning to how to be comfort, being uncomfortable was one of my most valuable skills learned. I've never fit in, and because of it... I mastered how to stand out."

Professional Background

As one of only 12 collegiate recruits in the country, Amber Branch began her career with Hitachi Consulting Corporation, where she served as a Business Management and IT Consultant. Through her time at Hitachi, Branch served Fortune 500 level companies, such as AT&T, to increase their revenue while meeting all deadlines for client deliverables on time. She also gained experience in setting up and managing a Project Management Office from the ground up, as well as hands on experience in project management, financial forecasting, team management, and vendor management.

Branch then continued her career with IBM, attending one of the best sales schools in the country “IBM Global Sales School” and serving at an Inside Sales Lead Development Representative. During that time, Branch Identified nearly 4.2 million dollars in revenue in 10 months and conducted project management for deal engagement from understanding business needs and cultivating solutions for C level executives. She also initiated and engaged in business to business sales for cyber security, cloud services, mobility, technical services, outsourcing managed services, technical support services, and systems services.

In her most recent role, Branch had the honor of working for one of the biggest software companies in the world, CA Technologies. Not only was Branch a successful Digital Sales Account Manager, but she also received several certifications in agile project management. Those certifications include Scrum Product Owner and SAFe Agilist. She achieved 181% of sales quota while becoming the number 1 ranked Digital Sales Account Manager in the country for amount of business pipeline generated totaling around 2.8 million dollars, and the number 3 ranked for the amount in deals closed. Branch performed hybrid role of Digital Sales, to create new revenue and solutions for new customers and Account Manager, to analyze customer accounts to identify new growth opportunities with existing customers.

"Sales is the 2nd most valuable skill I've learned in my career, and Mark Cuban's first. If you can learn to sell a product, you will understand  how to sell yourself and your vision. 

Company Origin

The Amber Branch was conceptualized out of an identified need for credible, accurate, reliable and unbiased insight. While in the consulting, sales, IT and Engineering industries, Branch was always a go to for customers and friends alike on how to start, maintain, sustain and expand their businesses and projects. This led to the creation of a blog on business, where she wrote weekly business and project management tips to educate those who were in need of a fresh take on their current ventures. After astonishingly positive reviews from readers and over 300 website visits in the 1st three months of launching, Branch decided to take the blog to the company level in order to provide more hands-on work with those seeking to solidify their outreach. She formed The Amber Branch as a small business corporation and began building the foundation for a fully functional consulting firm.

Current Endeavors


Amber is now the Executive Director of Ultimate Agile Experience. As and Coach and Trainer, she delivers Agile Coaching digitally and in person for IT leadership on foundations, practices and principles of Agile and Scaled Agile Framework to improve daily operations and team management. She has transformed the careers of over 50 professionals including project managers, executives and even the Vice President of a major financial institution.


University of North Texas – B.S. Electrical Engineering 

Minors - Business and Mathematics        

University of Houston – SURE Entrepreneurship Program


Certified SAFe® 4.6 Program Consultant

Certified SAFe® Agilist

Certified Scrum Master

Certified Scrum Product Owner



Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated


Westminister, Colorado

Current Location

Houston, Texas

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