Coaching Services

Agile Coaching is a digital or in person experience, in which professionals have the opportunity to receive access to team coaching sessions or public group workshops to learn how to take their business to the next level. This life changing empowerment tool teaches individuals how to an efficient workflow, communicate more effectively and make the most of Agile practices. 

Private Coaching

Empower your project team with a private coaching workshop on agile practice and foundations to create better communication, teamwork, responsibility, and efficiency.


Looking for dedicated Agile coaching to help mature your team? The Amber Branch Corporation offers private coaching from all levels, beginner to expert. No matter where you are in your agile journey, we can ensure your team never reaches a plateau. If you are just beginning your journey we can help understand what agile its and how to adopt it from your current work style. On the other hand, if your team is more mature, but it looking for an overall refresher workshop to reenforce execution and best practices, we can do so as well.

We are able to come on site to your location and have flexible delivery to make the best of your time and learning experience.

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