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Popular Topics

Leadership and Business Management

The foundation of effective leadership is continuous development! Create a winning team and organization, learn how to execute the tricks that all enterprise level electives are using.

Successful End to End Sales

No matter if you're selling yourself, a business, a product, or a service, the art of sales is a game of strategy. Build a winning sales plan, close the deal and keep the conversation going with proven techniques.

Mastering Project Management

Project management is a skill everyone, at every level, should master. Learn how to use Agile to deliver your projects on time, under budget, and with higher quality.

Becoming Your Best Self

Life can be tough, and challenges come in many forms, but learning to master self development is a weapon worth investing in. Get the knowledge to overcome all challenges!

Education and Ministry

Both schools and ministries are two areas that Amber is passionate about training at. No matter if it is faith training or understanding how to remain confident in schools, Amber approaches it with with practical and relatable teaching.

Other Topics

Why Agile?

Agile project management and software development is sweeping the country. Train your leaders and teams on why agile is important, how it works, and scale agile through-out the business.

Foundations of Scrum

New to scrum project management? Get your teams off the ground with some foundational training including how to run a daily standup, estimation, scrum ceremonies and more.

Agile for Executives

Are you an executive or manager in an agile company or department? Wondering where you fit into the concept? Receive training on how to lead an agile team from a business perspective.

Diversity in the Workplace

Implicit bias can often lead to detrimental and even legal actions. Get proactive and train your teams on what it means to actually have diversity  and inclusion in the workplace from the top down.

Small Business Attitude, Big Business Mindset

How do you keep the quality, unity, and communication of a small business, while achieving growth and big business numbers? Learn the art of business scaling, focus and prioritization. 

Managing Millennials

If you have a person in your organization 38-25, congratulations, you have a millennial! It's important to understand how to relate to them in order to minimize turnover. Learn how effectively manage a millennial.


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